Saturday, 21 September 2019

Swiss Garden - Nature

So while I was playing with Abstract Multiple Exposure Images and Upside Down water reflections, Sue and Ann where looking for Bug's and wee beasties. There was not much around by all accounts. Like a good dog I kept returning to where they where :)

Now I found the Shell Bug for them before I trotted off. They had great fun with a Dragonfly (A Common Darter, I think) they found near a lake and resting, eating a spider on a fence.  They also found a Common Hawker, it was a bit tatty. I snuck a quick photy of each. At one point the Darter took a liking to Ann's Hat.

I love taking pictures off trees, one day I may even learn what they are called :)

All pictures taken with the Olympus 12-100mm lens and post processed in Lightroom.

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