Thursday, 19 March 2015

Ely Cathedral and a bit of Fish eye fun again.

I was at Ely Cathedral last week retaking a couple of photos for my application for an RPS ARPS Distinction and I was asked by one of the Guides if I would take some photos of four of the carvings. I agreed to do this and went back this week. I decided while I was there to take a few photos for my ongoing Cathedral Project.I started with a few 'normal shots' and then switched to my 15mm fish eye lens. Always a bit of fun :)

Fish eye photos ......

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Crufts 2015 (1)

Family trip to Crufts Dog Show - Hounds and Terriers day. What a great show, this was my first time there and I would like to go again next year. Light levels quite low so I was shooting at 2000 - 3200 ISO.  Move photos from this show later.


Dog tired

6 Legs


My wife and sister-in-law. I will not tell you the title 'they' came up with !

Seen at the Barbican Art Centre

Five of us from the Camera Club visited London last week. My intention was to visit the Barbican Area to see the Brutalist Architecture. We ...