Thursday, 19 March 2015

Ely Cathedral and a bit of Fish eye fun again.

I was at Ely Cathedral last week retaking a couple of photos for my application for an RPS ARPS Distinction and I was asked by one of the Guides if I would take some photos of four of the carvings. I agreed to do this and went back this week. I decided while I was there to take a few photos for my ongoing Cathedral Project.I started with a few 'normal shots' and then switched to my 15mm fish eye lens. Always a bit of fun :)

Fish eye photos ......

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Crufts 2015 (1)

Family trip to Crufts Dog Show - Hounds and Terriers day. What a great show, this was my first time there and I would like to go again next year. Light levels quite low so I was shooting at 2000 - 3200 ISO.  Move photos from this show later.


Dog tired

6 Legs


My wife and sister-in-law. I will not tell you the title 'they' came up with !

Guernsey 16 - Les Vardes Quarry Nature Walk

We met up with the Guernsey Camera Clubs at a Quarry operated by Ronez. In 2015 the company created a short 50 minute nature walk around the...