Monday, 27 August 2012

Camping near Royal Tunbridge Wells

We managed to get the whole family camping last weekend (17th August - 21st August). Our four children plus their partners and all six grandchildren. Not all where their for the whole time. It was a great camp. We stayed at :-
ForgeWood Camping
Nr Tunbridge Wells

web site -

 A really lovely site that encouraged back to basics camping (ie campfires and little or no technology - did not stop our children using their smart phones!!)
On the Saturday some of the children walked to Frant. A really lovely village about 4 miles from the campsite. We met up at the pub for lunch.
Here are the six grandchildren (left to right Grace, Sam, Eloise, Gemma, Aiden and Haydn)
We walked to the famous 'Poohsticks Brigde' in Ashdown Forest and played pooh sticks
Winnie the Pooh's house near the bridge (allegedly :)
Here is the whole family (minus me) on the bridge.
Back at the camp site .....



Campfire in the evening - a really lovely curry cooked by Zoe

complete with toasted marshmallows ..

The children made a tee pee

We had a morning in Royal Tunbridge Wells





Thursday, 16 August 2012

My Olympic Experience #04 - Athletics in the Olympic Stadium at the Olympic Park

Visit 4 - We got home at 12:45 from Diving and then got up again at 05:00 to catch the 06:30 train back to the Olympic Park. I thought I would catch a few zzzzz's on the train - no luck - standing room only :(

Was it Worth it - OH YES.

This was the event I was really looking forward to. It was a great day. There were two track events, hurdles as we arrived and then later on the 4 x 4oo meters men's relay. Team GB were in one of the heats - the noise in the stadium was incredible. We also so the Ladies High Jump and the part of the men's decathlon.

Our seats were near the Olympic Flame - this was really spectacular.

We saw these two remote controlled mini's and wondered what they were for. We soon found out  that they brought the thrown discus back to the start line, Now that what I call a good idea.

We got home middle evening and I had a good nights sleep. My Live Olympic Experience was over but there was still a few days left on the TV.
As most of my friends know I am not a sporty person. I enjoy live events and watch the world Championship Snooker in April, Wimbledon and I follow F1. This was a whole different experience. The sport was great but the people, volunteers and soldiers where amazing.
To Quote Lord Coe - 'We did it right'

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