Tuesday, 27 September 2016

July Holiday to the Isle of Wight - Day 03 post 2 - Alum Bay Beach

I have never seen such beautiful colouration in the cliffs. I was amazed last year in Northumberland but this was something else :)

You could either walk down a very steep cliff or book a slot on the cable Car. We did the cable car.

Monday, 26 September 2016

July Holiday to the Isle of Wight - Day 03 Alum Bay

We took a early start to travel to the bottom left hand end of the Isle of Wight to Alum Bay (The Needles).

It is quite commercialised and the two Granddaughters wanted to make a glass bottle of all the beautiful coloured sands that this bay is famous for. You cannot, for obvious reasons, collect your own sand from the cliffs as some of my friends had done when they were younger.

After that we visited the Alum Bay Glass Blowing Factory. A bit of nostalgia for me as in my career  at Pye Unicam I had the opportunity to be the Supervisor of the Companies Glass and Optics Department for a few years.

You can visit the Alum Bay Glass Company Web site by clicking here

Alum Bay Glass Making Company

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