Saturday, 12 December 2015

Chloe Jessica arrives

Grandchild Number #09 of 9 arrives :)

Chloe Jessica

Grandma and Chloe Jessica

Sister Grace with Chloe Jessica

Chloe Jessica

Big Brother Haydn and Chloe Jessica

Dad and Chloe Jessica

Chloe Jessica

Grace and Chloe Jessica

Gramps and Chloe Jessica

Three - Haydn, Chloe Jessica and Grace

Mum on the phone with Haydn, Chloe Jessica and Grace

Friday, 11 December 2015

Play Park with Grace

I was on grandchild sitting the other day whilst my Son, Mathew, went with his wife (Emma) to the maternity hospital to deliver Sue and I grandchild #09 of 09. Sue had gone with them and I was left with Haydn (Grandchild #01 of 09) Grace (Grandchild #06 of 09). Grace and I left Haydn in bed (Well he is a teenager and it was late morning) and we went to the play park just down the bottom of their road in Margate - Dane Park. It was a lovely sunny morning. As it was a working day there were very few people about.

'Look Gramps - no hands'

'Look Gramps - no hands'

'Getting dizzy'

Thursday, 10 December 2015

Shortgrove Estate - Newton

About 16 members of the Cambridge Camera Club met up at The Shortgrove Private Estate, Newton near Saffron Walden. The Day was organised by our President (Thank you Sylvie) and started at 10. I failed to get there until just before Lunch due to a puncture :(

I idea was to take photos of the greenhouses and grounds in the morning and then process them in the afternoon. The greenhouses there are great and the sun gave some beautiful shadows. As I arrived late and just as the rest where completing the photography side I only took photos of the greenhouses.

I decided to use double exposure in the camera again to develop some creative ideas. Not all the photos below are double exposure. I found it very useful to develop the photo ideas in camera and then use Photoshop to re combine the individual images to create a new image.

It was a very enjoyable day.

Saturday, 5 December 2015

Wet Afternoon at Milton Country Park.

Sue and I decided to pop back to Milton Country Park the other day, we had visited the previous weekend with the grandchildren but had not t...