Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Cambridge Camera Club Annual Exhibition

As evident from this Blog I have not been doing much photography for the last two months. I did however enter photos into the selection process for this years Cambridge Camera Club Exhibition at the Guildhall (end of October).
Each club member is asked to enter between 3 and 12 photos for selection to this annual exhibition. This year we had an external judge look at the '500' photos that members had put forward. He was asked to select about 140 photographs to be exhibited. After this judges selection the club members present at the selection day then looked at those not selected to ensure that each member that had put forward photographs had at least one photograph in the exhibition. We show about 200 photographs. This was the first year I had participated in this selection day. It was a long day but extremely enjoyable.
I have had photos selected in previous years for the exhibition. Last year I had three selected. This year I again entered 12 photographs and to my surprise I had five selected by the Judge during the first selection round. I cannot tell you how please I was, particularly considering the high standard that many of the members of the club regularly produce. You should look at my blog list to see some of my favourite blogs from members.
The five photos are shown below. I have also included the seven that where not selected.
If you do get chance next October then a visit to this exhibition at the guildhall is well worth it.

A water lilley from our pond at home in Haddenham
White Plume Moth decided to land on our hall wall. A really lovely moth
Carnations, a tabletop exercise
Windows, taken on a Cambridge Camera Club 'competition' in April at the Cambridge University Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences
Taken in April on Hadrians Wall in Northumberlland. The rain could be seen coming towards us.
Here are the seven photos not exhibited.

A monochrome study of Tulips

On the A4

Red canoes - Mill pond Cambridge

Red Dress - Hotel in Northumberland

Reflected Hut

Durham Cross Bearers

Wind  pump on Wicken Fen

Around Bath - People and their Phones

Can't resist taking pictures of people taking pictures :)