Saturday, 30 June 2012

Points of View

Back in April the Cambridge Camera Club held its annual ‘Points of View’
Competition.  This year we where given the opportunity to walk around and
in some of the Cambridge University Buildings that are not always open to
the general public.
We had 5 hours to take photos on 5 topics in a given area. The University
areas we were allowed to take photos in included the Sidgwick Site and the
Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences. The area also included a
walk to Newnham.
This year the five topics were:-
- Gown
- Town
- Movement
- Shapes and Patterns
- Contrasts

It was a lovely sunny afternoon for the task and a really good time was had
by all.

Sunday, 24 June 2012

Cambridge Camera Club - Long weekend in Dorset

Cambridge Camera Club visited Dorset for a long weekend. Thursday 15th June to Tuesday 19th June.

Our first day was a windy trip to Portland Bill.

 We then had a trip to Swanage. I really enjoy piers.

We found a Bee Orchid near Arne

 A day at Powerstock Nature Reserve. A beautiful place and I learnt a lot about macro photography. 'All' I have to do now is find out what these creatures / flowers are!!


A Day out at Lolworth Cove. An idyllic seaside village.

A Trip to Lyme Regis for some evening photography

 Abbotsbury Swannary

This was an early morning view of from where we were staying - Higher Kingcombe Lodge

Around Bath - People and their Phones

Can't resist taking pictures of people taking pictures :)