Monday, 5 October 2015

CCC Trip to Stowe Gardens (4)

Intentional camera movement and 'messing about in photoshop' - Good times :)

copy and repeat in Photoshop of a view looking up into the trees

From the previous photo - I added eyes and mouth from a sculpture I took on a visit to the V&A museum in London recently (post to come)..

Intentional Camera Movement

Intentional Camera Movement

Sunday, 4 October 2015

CCC Trip to Stowe Gardens (3)

Whilst walking around Stowe Gardens I found the Chinese House. If it had been a few weeks later than this 'exhibit' would have been wrapped up for the winter to protect it.

Such a lot of interesting detail, lovely paintings, weathered woodwork - great textures.

The first shot shows the Chinese House in its entirety, The rest where taken with my Canon 100mm L series Macro lens.

Saturday, 3 October 2015

CCC Trip to Stowe Gardens (2)

This post shows what I did with InfraRed Photography at Stowe Gardens. I do not have a converted camera so I use the R72 filter. This means that I have to use a tripod as exposure times are in the 30 second region. Not that that worries me - it tends to slow me down and think about composition and technique.

CCC trip to Stowe Gardens (1)

On Wednesday a group of photographers from the Cambridge Camera Club visited Stowe Gardens in Buckinghamshire. The park land is owned by the Nationl Trust. A great day out, sunshine all the way. this post shows some general photos. I also took some infrared photos that I will post another day.

Around Bath - People and their Phones

Can't resist taking pictures of people taking pictures :)