Saturday, 31 December 2016

Gaslights and Alleyways - A London Night Photography Workshop

Back in November Ken and I attended a Overnight photo workshop in London. It was caller Gaslights and Alleyways and was organised by Charlotte Gillatt Photography and Doug Chinnery Photography. We met at 9pm outside Kings Cross Station. A group of  6 Photographers plus Charlotte and Doug in two Taxis.

Over the next 9 Hours we would travel around London to visit Dark Gas Light Alleyways. I used an iPhone GPS Tracking App to record where we went and then loaded that track log into the Map section of Lightroom and based on the time the map shows where that photo was taken. Here is the resultant map.

We stopped for a coffee just after midnight and then for a meal about 3 am. I must admit by 5am I was flagging quite a bit. Ken and I had a coffee at Kings Cross before returning home on separate trains just before 7 am. I set the alarm on my phone so if I went to sleep it would wake me before I got to Ely. Good job too zzzzzzz  :)

Thursday, 29 December 2016

Shape and Form

Out for a walk yesterday in Swindon (Boxing Day) I was attracted to the Shape and Form of the rooftops, sky, clouds and vapour trails.

Around Bath - People and their Phones

Can't resist taking pictures of people taking pictures :)