Monday, 12 November 2018

Light Painting at the Cambridge Camera Club Wednesday Workshop

Last Wednesday we spent the evening Light Painting at the Wednesday Workshop. Paul and Charles again put great effort into making this annual event enjoyable.

This year I took my Olympus OMD EM1mkii camera. This has a special long exposure mode called Live Composite. Basically you work out the base exposure for the image, in this case with no 'Light Painting' and then set the camera to take a series of shots at that exposure. The clever part of the camera 'software' is that it ONLY records where 'light' has changed. The background image maintains the same exposure you first set.

Most of these shots were taken at ISO200, Aperture at f/6.3 and shutter speed at 0.5 Sec. The composite was then combined with about 20 - 25 exposures.

I am guessing you could create the same effect on a 'normal camera' mode and combining the 20 images in Photoshop as layers, creating a smart object from these layers and then choosing Layers / Smart Objects / StackMode / Mean. The last image in this blog is a combination of 4 images in this way and seems to work. Need to experiment a bit more.

The Light painting was achieved with Home Made LED wands and wire wool that had been ignited.

The Image of the person running was created by a young lady member drawing the figure with a LED  Torch - very cleaver :)

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