Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Horsey Seals, Norlfolk

Coming back fro our weekend away in Sheringham, Sue and I stopped of at Horsey to see the young seals. We had already heard that the Tidal Surge had reduced the seal population at Horsey. We parked near Horsey Wind Pump and walked to the dunes, about a 30 minute walk. The first Access poing was closed. There was a sign saying that before the Tidal Surge had happened there was about 440 baby seals. The last count, post the surge, was 177. Just over 50% loss. Visitors where asked to take care not to disturb the seals too much as the trauma of the surge was still being over come.

Monday, 16 December 2013

Out with the Cambridge Camera Club

Out with the Cambridge Camera Club to do a bit of night photography in Cambridge Town Centre. We met up at 15:00 near the Mill Pond and walked to the town centre. It had rained slightly so a nice sheen on the pavements. This was my first outing with my new camera, a Canon 5DMkiii. This is a full frame camera and the object of my desires for some time. Menu wise not a lot of difference from my previous camera, a Canon 7D. Buttons are in a different place so I kept pressing the wrong thing (situation normal). 

For a first trip out with it I am very pleased with it. In my enthusiasm to use and learn about it I failed to remember to turn off the image stabilisation when I attached the camera to the tripod, hence some of my long exposures had more camera shake than they should have, some unusable. Still life is a learning experience.

I tried some intentional camera movement shots (ICM) of the lights and quite pleased with the effects. In this case I zoomed the lens whilst the camera shutter was open.

Had a discussion about what a group of photographers are - We guessed a Coven. Here are a few with their three legged friends ...

The next shot is where I zoomed the lens during the exposure.

 I took another straight shot of the street and then blended the two images in Photoshop to get the movement and the buildings. A monochrome version and a colour version.

We walked round to Garret Hostel Bridge.

The area was very dark and photographing with a very long exposure gave some lovely sky and movement patterns. 
The first photo is a HDR shot from the bridge.

Bit of ICM again

Around Bath - People and their Phones

Can't resist taking pictures of people taking pictures :)