Thursday, 22 August 2013

Camping in Kent - 9. Margate Carnival 2013 Post#02 - Paraiso School of Samba

Just when I thought it would not get any better, bringing up the real of the Carnival was a group called Paraiso School of Samba. They are from Ramsgate and have appeared at the Notting Hill Carnival. I think all these photos relate to this group. Whatever, they were the icing on the cake. 

After it was all done we all had fish and chips on the Kings Steps watching the sea. 

This is the last Camping in Kent blog. 
















Camping in Kent - 8. Margate Carnival 2013 post #01

Sunday the 4th August - Margate Annual Carnival 2013, although there is some rumour that this will be the last for a while as the person who has organises it for a number of years is standing down. It was a glorious day. Full sun and no wind. We arrived well before the start and I managed to get a front row position to take photos. The floats and procession were great. 'A real happy feel good day'.










Wet Afternoon at Milton Country Park.

Sue and I decided to pop back to Milton Country Park the other day, we had visited the previous weekend with the grandchildren but had not t...