Sunday, 22 July 2012

Ely Cathedral

Spent a couple of hours in Ely Cathedral on Friday afternoon. I went there to take photos of the central octagon area however the The Band Of Her Majesty's Royal Marines and The Military Wives Choir beat me to it :)
They where rehearsing for the evening concert so although I could not take the photos I had planned I did get a free experience their music – It was very good. It was only after I was leaving that I thought to myself that I should have asked someone if I could have taken photos of them.


Monday, 16 July 2012

Wet day in Ely

I had an hour to spare today in Ely while Sue went to the Gym.

Same photo in monochrome

Fairchilds Meadow - Haddenham

On Sunday Sue and I visited Fairchilds Medow in Haddenham. Just a quick walk from our house but we did drive this time as we had been elsewhere before.

Fairchilds Medow is a nature conservation area that was purchased in 2003 by a working group of three Parish Councils and the local Conservation Society after a successful application to the Heritage Lottery Fund.
The area is still being established but is a lovely place to walk and take photos - we also had a packed lunch there :)

The area consists of three fields

A panoramic view of the top field. This is where we stopped for lunch. The field in the foreground has restrited access as the area is being developed to establish wild flowers etc. There is access all the way around it and one central footpath

Various insects were about ....

I believe these are soldier beetles.

Being watched

Bee - I guess my daughter Nicki will be able to tell me which type this is.

This butterfly is a Ringlet

These next photos are I believe Meadow Browns although the first one looks different. I did think that the second and third one where Small Heath Butterflies at one point, but I am not sure.

Some signs of the current wet July.
There area was quite boggy in places

Some Flowers around the area.

I am sure we will be visiting this very pleasant area again.


Grandson Aiden came for the day on Saturday while his Mum was at a training course. After we got back from shopping he started playing with the Sylvanian Families house. He was so engrossed he did not even notice the flash of my camera.

Monday, 9 July 2012

An afternoon in the garden

I spent the afternoon playing with my camera, macro lens and flash gun in the garden. It was not raining which makes a change.

This is a Hover Fly - I think its Eupeodes Nitens.
There are about 250 species of Hover Flying the UK

Not sure what this is yet

A Water Bug - maybe a common backswimmer. Whatever it is we have them in our pond and they are great to watch.

We think this is a member of the wasp family.

Hover Fly - Episyrpus Balteaus ?

Hover Fly - Episyrpus Balteaus

I Lover poppies - these are self set in the garden


More Hover flies ...

Around Bath - People and their Phones

Can't resist taking pictures of people taking pictures :)