Sunday, 4 February 2018

Great Yarmouth (7) - Royal Navel Hospital

While we were walking around Phil got to talking to a local and he suggested that we should visit the Old Royal Navel Hospital. When we arrive it was not obvious that we could look round, so we had a look. As I was taking the second Picture here a lady came out of the gate and I expected her to say 'be off with you', I could not have been more wrong. She had lived here for a number of years with her cats, two I think, and was very happy to show us around and tell us about the history of the place. She said that National Heritage had open days ., must keep an eye out for it.

Read about The Royal Navel Hospital  HERE

Great Yarmouth (6) Walk from Wellington Pier to the Barrack Road Gasometer

Having spent some time around Wellington Pier we saw in the distance an old Gasometer and decided to try and walk to it. Lots of beautiful textures and interesting urban landscape.

The Gasometer is a Grade II Listed Building.

Saturday, 3 February 2018

Friday, 2 February 2018

Great Yarmouth (4) - Winter Garden

Great Yarmouth Borough Council purchased the Winter Garden from Torquay in 1905 and was for many years a highlight of 'the Golden Mile'. In 2015 various organisations looked at what could be done to save the Grade II listed building, current plans may involve creating a temperated greenhouse along the lines of the Eden Project (but smaller). It would be a shame to see such a magnificent structure fall into complete disrepair.

You can read about Great Yarmouth Plans in this press release from November 2017.

The estimated cost is over £12 million.

Around Bath - People and their Phones

Can't resist taking pictures of people taking pictures :)