Sunday, 29 March 2020

London 2018 - Images Revisited

Back in November 2018 Sue and I were invited to go with Ann to her award ceremony at the RPS in London. We made a weekend of it. I am not sure why but these images where never blogged at the time. Other images can be seen on the blog links at the end of this.

On our final day we spent the morning at Cold Drops Yard and then after some lunch we walked back to Kings Cross through Pancras Square. As I love Street Photography and Architecture this was a great area to visit.

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Saturday, 28 March 2020

In Camera and In House Multiple Exposures

I have been playing again with in camera multiple exposures and as we are social distancing also 'In House'

Most of the photos here are a combination 3 in-camera multiple exposures each image within the multiple exposure at a different white balance, The first was shot at 10,000K which gave a warm orange / red colour, then one at 6,000K, just a bit above 'normal white balance and the final one at 2,500K at the blue end of the colour balance range. The camera was moved between each exposure.

The forth picture was just a photoshop twirl cut I liked the colours.

The first seven was the backrest of one of our bedroom chairs, the next two a Jigsaw puzzle multiple exposure and the final three items from our mantle piece / living room window.

Post processing done in Lightroom with the exception of the Twirl.

Friday, 27 March 2020

Tabletop Photography

About three years ago I set a workspace up in the Garage Workshop to do some Tabletop Photography. With the business of life this are has not been used as much as I had hoped. The area has had a secondary function of where I mount my prints. So being 'self-confining' I decided to have a go at some images with 'Jean-Luc Picard' jumping into some water. Before I started and before Sue throw some flowers away I decided to also do some in-camera multiple exposures 'in the round'

Included in the Flower multiple exposure was a porcelain figurine called Susan. 9 images taken and the vase rotated slightly each time. I used all three in camera blend modes (Average, Dark and Bright) to achieve three different results.  Post processing in Lightroom. I then took 'Susan' into the Garage Workshop and sat her on a spinning table. Lit by flash off to the side. As an aside, I don’t buy many ornaments, the last time was about 30 years ago and was a red glass fox from Langham Glass. We were in Cromer just before Christmas and walked past this art shop and went in. I was immediately attracted by this figurine and having purchased it found the name of the piece was Susan.

Sue had found me some skeleton leaves in the pond - with these I laid them initially on a lights lit from below. and then used my 'Atdaptorlux Lights' with red and green filters, spraying them with water.

Jean-Luc Picard proved to be more challenging. I was relying on dropping the figure head first into a small tank and triggering the camera manually. (Note to self - I need a Pluto Trigger or something) I must have taken just less than 100 snaps to get something that I was happy with.

Good Fun.

Susan and the Flowers

Susan In the Round

Skeleton Leaves

Jean-Luc Picard Taks a Dive

Thursday, 26 March 2020

Walk to the Butchers - Social Distancing - Self Confinement

We are still managing to get out for a walk most days. The highlight of these walks is going to the local butchers. Sue queues and then goes in, only two people allowed at any one time. Whilst she does this I have taken photos of the village on my iPhone. Strange times, when we see people walking we, or they cross the road, and say  hello. These photos where taken on two such walks, beautiful, clear and sunny days.

London 2018 - Images Revisited

Back in November 2018 Sue and I were invited to go with Ann to her award ceremony at the RPS in London. We made a weekend of it. I am not su...