Friday, 31 October 2014

Foggy Morning Walk around Aldreth fen area

A few Sundays ago (12 October) Sue and I decided to take an early walk around the fen area of Aldreth, the next village along from Haddenham.

We drove there TWICE.

The first time we left the car and started walking and I had taken about 5 masterpieces with the camera when I discovered I did not have a memory card in the camera. 'Oh Dear' I said and as we were travelling light i.e. I just had my camera in a small bag with plus a mono-pod I did not have my spare memory cards with me.

So we went back home and I took the card out of the computer card reader where just a few hours before I had put it to download - Back to Aldreth, not quite as early as I would have liked but it was still a good walk.

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