Thursday, 6 July 2017

Holiday in Kinsale, Ireland - (2) Charles Fort and James Fort

Kinsale is on an estuary at the southern end of Ireland in Co. Cork. The estuary Leading to Kinsale is protected by two forts on opposite sides of this estuary - The River Bandon.

James fort is the older of the two Forts

James Fort is an early 17th-century pentagonal fort located on Castlepark peninsula in Kinsale harbour. Situated downstream from Kinsale on the River Bandon, the fort was built to defend the harbour and seaborne approaches of the town. Wikipedia

James Fort was started in 1601 and by the 18th Century it was a ruin.

Charles Fort is a star fort located on the water's edge, at the southern end of the village of Summer Cove, on Kinsale harbour, County Cork, Ireland. Wikipedia

Charles Fort, sometimes called 'the New Fort' was completed in 1682 (James Fort is sometimes referred to as 'the Old Fort')

We spent quite a few hours exploring Charles Fort and the majority of the photos here relate to Charles Fort.

James Fort

James Fort

View of Charles Fort from James Fort

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