Thursday, 2 February 2017

Foggy Toft Road

Foggy morning travelling to Toft in early January. I have often been attracted to the trees and the bend in the road just as you get to the village and as I was a bit early I decided to stop and take some photos. I had my Sony RX100 with me. As luck would have it a person on a bike came down the road to add  'people' interest. 

Fast forward to the end of the month, two sources of photographic inspiration (*) promoted me to convert the photos to a high contrast monochrome effect. I like the results, but feel that there is defiantly more work to get the feel I am looking for.

(*) Note the two sources of inspiration were (1) A talk given to the Cambridge Camera Club by one of our members entitled 'The Monochrome Effect by Jayne Odell ARPS', and (2) My visit to the Tate Modern in London to see the 'Radical Eye Exhibition' which is a display of photographs collected by Sir Elton John from about 1910 to 1950. A truly remarkable collection and stunning photographs.

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