Friday, 23 December 2016

Hamerton Zoo Park - August

Sue and I took Four Grandchildren to Hamerton Zoo Park (in August). Its a very nice, well kept Zoo.

Wikipedia has this to say about it ....

Hamerton Zoo Park is situated in Hamerton, near Sawtry, Cambridgeshire, England. It is a 25-acre wildlife park that exhibits around 500 animals from over 100 different species focusing on lemurs, cats and birds.
Some members of the Cambridge Camera Club had told me about this Zoo and that it has Tigers, of which I am particularly 'fond of'. We all have differing views on Zoo's. An interesting fact about Tigers  is that over the last 100 years more than 95% of the Tiger population has been killed. Some species, Like the Malaysian Tigers, and there are some at Hamerton, are critically endangered and unlikely to survive in the wild. Hamerton has some White Bengal Tigers that I have never seen before. Beautiful Animals.

The kids really enjoyed the day out. So did I.

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