Saturday, 5 January 2019

St Pancras Old Church and Graveyard

Phil and I decided to find a cup of coffee and wandered out of Coal Drops Yard, with its many cafes and went in hunt of something different. On our car we wandered into a delightful graveyard. Full or atmosphere.

In the centre of this graveyard stands 'The Hardy Tree'. In the mid 1800's London's rail system was expanding and the price of the expansion was the redevelopment of part of this historic graveyard. The Job of exhuming the boys and relocating them fell to Thomas Hardy (Far from the Maddening Crowd and other Novels in later years). After the bodies where moved there remained the question of what to do with the headstones. Hardy had them arranged around an Ash Tree as a memorial to the past. You can read more about the Hardy Tree here

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