Tuesday, 8 May 2018

CCC Wednesday Workshop - Movement

Last Wednesday the Cambridge Camera Club met for their normal Wednesday Workshop Special Interest Group. This time Paul and Charles had us in the field playing with Intentional Camera Movement (ICM) and 'The Orton Effect' - this is where you take two photos with second photo out of focus and then blended back with the in focus image to create a dreamy effect.

An interesting evening.

The Orton Effect

The first four images show the Orton Effect (sort of). The first three of these show:-

  1. The Infocus Image.
  2. The out of focus image
  3. The combined images 'In Camera' (I was using my Olympus OMD EM1 mkii)
  4. The forth image was an image duplicated in photoshop with the the second image with Gaussian Blur

 Intensional Camera Movement (ICM)

You will have seen on my blog that I quite like playing with ICM. I don't often think about rotating the camera, I normally just go up and down or side to side. I tried a bit of both. The success rate is very low. The images here are ones that please me, I am not saying they are 'great' are a result of about 250 photos taken. I have included a non moving image in some instances.

Up and Down

 Round and Round

I then put my fish eye on. Just a slight movement in the central position can make an interesting difference.

I decided to try and blend in Photoshop a Non Movement Image with one with movement. I was playing around with the blending modes and just tried 'subtraction' and got a pleasing result. Two there, one in colour and one in monochrome. Not sure which I prefer.

ICM with Flash 

I then tried a circular movement with a burst of flash to start with.

Jedi Knight Phil 

 ....then swung is Light Sabres

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