Saturday, 24 March 2018

Malcolm Modele

Last Friday I traveled to Square 1 Studio near Leigh to attend a RPS Workshop called 'Lighting for Composites' This was run by George Fairbarin. We leant about four main types of lighting and how to balance them into a composite.

I knew I would be photographing a model but what I did not expect was a brilliant male model to be there for the day. Malcolm Modele is and I quote from

'Malcolm Modele (pronounced Mo–dell) is a 29-year-old actor, model, writer and director from Gloucester, now based in London. Malcolm Modele is known for his breakthrough lead role in feature film “Shakespeares Diaries”, guest star on "Holby City" as Ewan, one of the first male strippers on "Eastenders" as Luke and also Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom, Malcolm is seen as a new star looming on the horizon. He joined the British Army to see the world and do some good for his country, but after serving for 8 years and 2 tours in Afghanistan one of which he was prince Charles personal force protection, it quickly became apparent that his model good looks and passion for film and writing was going to take him in a different direction, leading him to leave the Army in 2012. He then wasted no time in setting himself up as a photographer, actor and filmmaker, using a mixture of skills learnt through self-study and work experience/

You can find Malcolm on :-
Facebook -

Twitter - MalcoMModele‏ @Malcolmmodele

Instagram -

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George Fairbarin

Square 1 Studio :- 

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