Thursday, 10 January 2013

Slimbridge Wildlife and Wetland Trust

Long time since my last post.

Sue and I were Swindon over the new year visiting our daughter. We took an afternoon visit to Slimbridge Wildlife and Wetland trust. A fantastic place with the first areas very 'family orientated' but then you can go off into the hides further in. 

This visit gave me a chance to play with my new 150 to 500mm Sigma Lens. Still learning how to use it but very pleased with the initial results.

I am very pleased with the three 'L' series Canon lenses I currently own but when I started looking at this focal length the cost of the Canon 'L' Series long lens was quite high. I started looking at alternatives and found some very good reports on this Sigma lens.

This is the first independent lens manufacture lens I have bought since the early 1980's when I bought a 70 to 210 Tamron Lens for my Olympus OM1, Since that time I have always 'stuck' to the camera manufacturer's lenses. (I now use a 7D Canon camera).

The lens appears to have very good image stabilisation. Most of the shots here were taken at the long end of the zoom (500mm) and hand held. I did lean against posts, poles and barriers etc. Most were taken at ISO400 and f/8. This typically gave shutter speeds between 1/100th sec and 1/250th sec.

I have done no post processing in Lightroom / Photoshop on these photos yet.

On our visit we stayed in the 'family' areas. Can't wait to go back again and go to the hides.

I really like the shallow depth of field and perspective the long length offers.

Granddaughter, Eloise 'from a distance'


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